Spaghetti Analysis

Traversal's Vision AI Platform / Spaghetti Analytics

Vision AI for Work Area Layout Enhancement.

Optimisation of excess movement between workstations can improve process efficiency. Our Vision AI platform can quantify excess movement between spatially fragmented work zones.

AI Vision for Production Flow A reduction in nonessential movements increases capacity, and enables more tasks to be undertaken with the same level of staff resourcing. Our solution analyses walking movement patterns to provide layout enhancement recommendations.

Traversal's Vision AI Platform bolsters traditional Lean techniques with 24/7 empirical comprehension of work area layout. Our tool can provide insights on the root causes of waiting and excess motion.

Our tool uses visual perception to provide layout enhancement recommendations, decluttering work area design.

Hypothetical Case Study


COGS (of an ergonomically-intensive workflow)


*Reduction In Waiting and Excess Motion



Margin Enhancement

*Hypothetical, this scenario is provided for illustrative purposes only, the accuracy and applicability of this scenario may be influenced by unique factors inherent to each user's environment and practices.

Pixel Privacy

Traversal has developed camera technology to preserve the privacy of individuals in visual scenes.
We pseudonymise our data, and remove individually identifying features, including blurring faces.