Lean Wastes

Vision AI for Empirical Comprehension of Lean Wastes.

AI Vision for Production Flow Waiting and Excess Motion are key Lean wastes. Our camera can quantify these wastes to improve productivity and safety.

Traversal's Vision AI Platform is a digital augmentation of Lean. Bolstering traditional Lean techniques with 24/7 empirical comprehension of Lean wastes. We perform this data capture in a manner which preserves privacy.

Our platform can enhance the scope and volume of insights that Lean professionals deliver. Our product design is centred around Lean principles.

Current Lean approaches are limited by the single moment-in-time capture, and the manual effort in measurement and collation of data. We transform video into structured datasets through Scene Understanding. AI Vision for Production Flow

Our Event Builder interface enables customisable events to be added.

Transforming Video into Comprehensible Reports

Our Scene Understanding technology transforms video into structured datasets. We present these as comprehensible reports, which can be used to inform Lean initiatives.
Time-and-Motion Report Worker Safety Report

Hypothetical Case Study


COGS (of an ergonomically-intensive workflow)


*Reduction In Waiting and Excess Motion



Margin Enhancement

*Hypothetical, this scenario is provided for illustrative purposes only, the accuracy and applicability of this scenario may be influenced by unique factors inherent to each user's environment and practices.


Wait Time

Analysis of wait time in high-touch industrial workflows

Excess Motion

Analysis of excess motion in high-touch industrial workflows

Pixel Privacy

Traversal has developed camera technology to preserve the privacy of individuals in visual scenes.
We pseudonymise our data, and remove individually identifying features, including blurring faces.