Logistics Solutions

Optimizing supply chain productivity with cyber-physical systems and data-driven decision making.

Capability Statement

Intralogistics operations are complex and dynamic. The flow of goods and materials through a warehouse is a complex process, involving many different types of equipment and processes.

Our solutions can help you enhance cost competitiveness, and improve resource flexibility, yielding better visibility over your operations. Enhanced awareness enabled make smarter decisions which improve your bottom line.

Our solutions help to infer supply chain identify bottlenecks and help you optimize throughput.

We analyze visual data to identify patterns and provide useful information about time-in-motion and waiting wastes. We provide real-time alerts for adverse equipment or process operating conditions.

Automatically recognise signals and events, enabling real-time adaptation to changing operational conditions. Drive improvement to productivity and safety. Logistics Data

  • Use cameras to visually track material flow, identify bottlenecks.

  • Uncover hidden insights about your supply chain using advanced analytics.

  • Use autonomous robots to move materials around warehouses.


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Time-and-Motion Analytics

Autonomous Mobile Robots

Bin Picking & Palletisation

Camera Analytics

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