Machine Learning Expertise

Perception Algorithms

We enable machines to perceive through vision.

Perception algorithms transform millions of raw pixels into structured datasets.

The opportunity is using video to illuminate hidden information embedded within industrial workflows. Convolutional Neural Network

Streaming Data Pipelines

We enable you to model your operations.

Streaming analytics pipelines enable you to model and visualise your operational activity.

Gain a holistic view of your plant by fusing information from plant instrumentation, cameras, and positioning systems. Visualise your value stream.

Digital Twin

Machine Learning Algorithms

We train algorithms to uncover patterns embedded within your data.

We train machine learning algorithms to refine raw operational data into actionable information.

Digital Twin
AI Vision

Vision AI for Productivity & Safety

Our spatial computing platform enables enhanced awareness over production events. Traversal Vision AI solutions enables production manager to extract rich, fine-grained information from video feeds, opening up a world of possibilities for process optimisation. Visually infer near misses and safety critical events.

Visually infer sources of time waste and value-add time.

Enhanced Awareness

Safety Improvement, Margin Enhancement

Waiting and excess motion are measured sparsely through job cards, resulting in a lack of hard-data. This lack of data means that inefficiencies can be elusive. Poor metrics on waste cause a substantial loss of revenue and increase in production costs.

Enhanced Awareness, Safety Improvement, Margin Enhancement

Data-Driven Industrial Automation

Represent the structure and events of your production. Stream data from plants and field systems, infer hidden patterns, and enact operational changes based upon these insights.

Enhance decision-making and streamline operations.

Learned insights illuminate the inner-workings of your operation, increasing situational awareness and productivity.

Data-Driven Industrial Automation

Who We Work With

We're a strategic technology partner for industrial businesses.


Fuse information from instrumentation, cameras, and positioning systems to dynamically optimise your production processes.

Innovation for Manufacturing


Fuse information from instrumentation, cameras, and positioning systems to gain a holistic view of your intralogistics operation.

Innovation for Logistics


Improving situational awareness through visual perception algorithms.

Innovation for Mining

Enhanced Awareness

Represent the Structure and Events of your Operation

The vast amounts of data generated by industrial machines and workflows is often underutilized, resulting in lost opportunities for efficiency and cost savings.

Improve industrial productivity, by applying sensors with machine learning algorithms to uncover hidden insights about your plant.

Use vision to automatically analyse objects on shelves, pallets, or conveyors. Visual imagery can be used to infer physical attributes about parts and materials (quality, defects, type, position, colour, orientation, shape, motion).

Our Capabilities

Visual Algorithms

Design of vision architectures for the Manufacturing, Logistics, and Mining industries.

Camera-based Perception

Enabling machines to perceive and represent their environment through vision.

Machine Learning, Signal Processing

Recognising patterns in visual imagery.

Cyber-Physical Systems

Bridging the divide between the virtual world and the physical world.

Sensing and Perception

Smart sensing solutions to gather insights from industrial processes.

Real-Time Systems

Designing systems that respond to streaming data and dynamic scenarios.

Vision AI for Productivity and Safety

We enhance productivity and safety through intelligent vision solutions.

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