AI Vision for Worker Safety

Vision AI for Worker Safety.

Prevent injuries, protect worker safety.

AI Vision for Production Flow

Traversal's Vision AI Platform provides proactive reporting on safety events and near misses. Enabling processes to be made safer.

Our AI can visually infer repetitive motions, proximity to hazardous tools, proximity to hot work, and proximity to live work.

Proactive reporting can profile the extent and frequency of key risks, and provide real-time audible alerts based upon risk factors.

The Cost of Workplace Injuries


Serious Injury Claims in Manufacturing Per Year (AU)


Per Death


Median Compensation Paid Per Injury


Proactive Indication

Real-time Audible Alerts Based on Risk Factors

Lumbar Risk

Mitigating the Potential for Lower Back Injuries During Lifting, Bending, and Twisting

Forklift Safety

Minimising Risks and Incidents Involving Forklifts and Similar Powered Industrial Equipment

PPE Compliance

Ensuring Adherence to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Guidelines in Designated Areas

Repetitive Motion Strain

Providing Timely Notifications on Repetitive Motion Strain Risk Based on Joint Movements

Crane Safety

Enhancing Safety Measures for Workers Engaged in Crane Operations or in Proximity to Crane Activities

Pixel Privacy

Traversal has developed camera technology to preserve the privacy of individuals in visual scenes.
We pseudonymise our data, and remove individually identifying features, including blurring faces.