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Vision AI for industrial productivity & safety.

Capability Statement

We drive automated action from visual data.

AI Vision for Production Flow

Non-value-add time, is a bottleneck in industrial productivity. Companies are committed to improving productivity and safety, but lacks fine-grained understanding on the root causes of waiting and excess motion.

Lean Manufacturing Wastes Supervisors measure these wastes manually (and sparsely) using job cards. Our perception technologies can drive bottom-line improvement to industrial operations by visually inferring the root causes of time-in-motion and waiting wastes.

Enhance manufacturing decision-making with visual data.

  • Infer the structure and events of your industrial operation.

  • Comprehend your production flow to improve flexibility and resilience.

  • Proactive insights on ergonomics to improve safety and reduce injuries.


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Time-and-Motion Analytics

Ergonomic Analytics

Process Flow Comprehension

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