Product Overview

Vision AI for industrial productivity & safety.

We drive automated action from visual data.

Traversal helps industrial businesses increase efficiency and cost savings by inferring production events from camera vision.

AI Vision for Production Flow

Traversal's Vision AI Platform has a customisable event builder, which enables key production events to be inferred from vision and analysed.

AI Vision for Production Flow Our Scene Understanding technology transforms video into structured datasets. We present these as comprehensible reports, which can be used to inform Lean initiatives.

Traversal’s algorithms perceive from cameras, enabling key ergonomic events to be inferred. Based on inferred events, we organise the knowledge to provide tailored procedure enhancement recommendations.

Enhanced Awareness

Waiting and motion are huge sources of industrial inefficiency. Traversal can quantify these wastes to improve productivity and safety.

Enhanced Awareness, Safety Improvement, Margin Enhancement

The Cost of Workplace Injuries


Serious Injury Claims in Manufacturing Per Year (AU)


Per Death


Median Compensation Paid Per Injury

Pixel Privacy

Traversal has developed camera technology to preserve the privacy of individuals in visual scenes.
We pseudonymise our data, and remove individually identifying features, including blurring faces.