Ergonomic Analytics

Vision AI for Manual Workflow Ergonomics.

Ergonomic issues are not immediately apparent. There is a lack of data on ergonomic activities in high-touch production environments. This leads to ineffective process design. Ineffectively designed processes have excess motion which can lead to repetitive motion injuries and reduced productivity.

AI Vision for Production Flow Traversal's Vision AI Platform makes sense of production events from camera vision. Providing insights on repetitive motions, unsafe lifting, and proximity to hazardous tools.

Traversal's Vision AI Platform can infer skeleton joint angles, to identify ergonomic risk factors and key ergonomic events.

The AI can visually infer repetitive motions, proximity to hazardous tools, proximity to hot work, and proximity to live work.

Proactive reporting can profile the extent and frequency of key risks, and provide real-time audible alerts based upon risk factors.

The types of events are customisable through our event builder interface.

Pixel Privacy

Traversal has developed camera technology to preserve the privacy of individuals in visual scenes.
We pseudonymise our data, and remove individually identifying features, including blurring faces.